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Hi!My name is Fran.A fandom whore and a young artist.Follow me xxx
My English sucks AND I`M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THAT.It isn`t my native language, nice!)
I have a side blog where i reblog mostly h/l and some inspirational things,so if want to know what i think and like youre welcome there)
That's Me In The Spotlight
Rated: Explicit
WC: ???,???
Louis x Harry
Working in fashion for the past thirteen years has left thirty-two year old Louis Tomlinson privy to the darkness hidden behind glamour, and what he once loved has now left him bitter and jaded. On impulse, he leaves Paris for the very first job that comes along – head of the wardrobe department on a brand-new television show in America. 'Modern Missionary' follows Harry Styles, a religious 16-year-old Texan, on a tour of America. The pitch is simple enough – Harry leads by example, showing the viewers how they too can bring God's light and love to the world around them. Inadvertently, showing Harry to the world also shows the world to Harry; his eyes are opened, not without Louis' help. Harry begins to question everything: his religion, his identity, his values, and his sexuality. How can love be a sin if... cela semble si juste?
Wear It Like A Crown
Rated: Explicit
Louis x Harry
AU. As part of a team of fixers hired to handle a gay scandal in Buckingham Palace, Louis expects Prince Harry to be a lot of things—most notably a royally spoilt brat. Never mind that the very same Prince Harry used to star in quite a number of Louis' teenage fantasies.


Vivid juicy Larry :)

I`m in love with these colors *-*

Anonymous said —
❝ I wanna ask, maybe its so annoying, but seriously i need your answer.. "How you make your header ??" Thast cool ❞

Header? Im sorry idk how it translates on my language :(

Anonymous said —
❝ teach me your ways 😍 ❞

maybe ;)

Anonymous said —
❝ you and your drawings piece of shit !!!!!!! Of course you will not publish this bitch >< I HATE YOUUUUU!!!! ❞



thanks for ur opinion 

Hey anon do you even have enough of selfrespect to come off anon and to say something to the artist in the face,huh?Or you didn`t even heard of it?
This is not criticism,its just a bare hate for nothing.
No wonder if artists just dissappear from this fandom after things like that.Because absolutely all artists gets hate.Good works or not,people here always,ALWAYS find a way to send something negative.Maybe you just don`t understand how much of effort and time artist spend on their art.
Everyone can judge from position where no one can see you and you don`t have to answer for your own actions.From position where you`re nobody to judge somebody who create.

Anonymous said —
❝ bunny Harry is the scariest shit ever ❞

Are we for sure talking about bunny Harry or we are talking about you, nasty anon who didn’t dare to take anonymity off before asking,huh?

Bunny Harry 🐰
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/ radadusta said: pst…bunny harry.. and fox louis *hide in the corner*/ So here it is.Baker bunny Harry and fox Louis.Quicky art only because I have soft spot for Radadusta :”“)

Anonymous said —
❝ Your art is really great! I love it and thanks for sharing it with us (: ❞

How sweet anon!Thank you! xx

  • Don't know what to draw Oo
  • I don't have any ideas,nothing,nothing at all O_O

Ehhh,it’s 2 am and I want to sleeeeeeep.
Harry Styles,ladies and gentlemen.